Thank you for considering Flowers From The Heart as your wedding floral designer! We offer floral designs for weddings in all surrounding areas: Niceville, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Panama City, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, and Destin, FL! We are flexible with the distance we will travel, so be sure to callĀ or inquire if you have any questions about our availability in your area!

We understand how important your special day is to you, and everyone attending. Sure, it's easy for a business to say, "We're the best!" which is why we let our reviews do the talking. Flowers From The Heart is the HIGHEST rated floral designer on the Emerald Coast. You don't have to believe us, you can see for yourselves! We can't control what Google tells you, but our work can. Time and time again, we receive positive feedback from our brides. Our work ethic is in our name for a reason, because what we produce is directly From The Heart!

Wedding Packages

Take a look at our wedding packages! We did our best to offer packages that accommodate every budget. We don't expect our packages to be perfect for every bride, which is why we mention that we are very easy to work. Remember, we can do a custom package tailored to your every need. If you have any additional comments or questions feel free to Contact Us.

Wedding Gallery

Our wedding gallery is a great place to see our work! We are confident that we can produce the perfect floral designs for any wedding. Collectively, we have worked with brides for more than 40 years. With our experience, and our skill set, we have blown our brides away year after year with our work. We have never had a negative review on a wedding we've worked. Hopefully, you can be another positive review we can add to our list!

Preferred Vendors

Need other vendors for your wedding? Loo no further! We have our preferred vendors listed here. These are vendors you can trust, as we have worked with most of them. We also have provided other vendors in our area, to give you the opportunity to find everything you need, all in one place! Be sure to keep an eye out for vendors that we recommend! The vendors we recommend are chosen because we have worked with them, and they have shown us that their work is flawless! We understand that consistency is a big factor when choosing our recommended vendors!